Call for entries into 2021 Sound Bites Awards

One year ago, news broadcasts were filled with stories about ever-rising COVID cases and deaths along with pictures of protests by tens of thousands of angry Americans pushing for social justice.  As we enter the summer months in New England, COVID cases continue to decline thanks to a region that continues to lead the country in vaccination.  While we still have gains to make in equality, voices that may not have been heard a year ago are being heard today.

In this year’s Call for Entries, we wanted to project the hope that so many of us have as we continue to make progress back to normal.  This document is as bright as our collective futures.  We’re still dealing with COVID.  We’re still fighting for all Americans to be treated equally.  Violent crimes and tragic stories are still found across the state but there is a bright light at the end of our tunnel.

I hope you and your station will choose to enter the 2021 Sound Bites Awards.  Enter your coverage of highs and your coverage of lows as each display the value you bring to your listeners or viewers every day.  And as we look across 38,000+ cheering on the Sox at Fenway as they fight for the American League pennant, please mark November 10 in your calendar as the MBA presents Sound Bites in-person, in Framingham.

Please see our Call for Entries page for complete details and as always, we’ll host our contest on

Entry deadline is Friday, August 20.  Good luck!