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Programming/On-Air/Promotions – The Top 5 Habits & Skills of Truly Great Improvisers

with CSz Boston

Did you know that professional improv comedians aren’t actually winging it? They’re secretly practicing a highly-refined system that helps them tackle the unexpected while entertaining a live audience – sometimes without ever saying a word. You can make this system your best advantage. Come ready to laugh and work on valuable change management, collaboration, and relationship-building tools in this fun and interactive skill-focused workshop – there’s no performing, no charts, and no slides (or trust falls).



Sales (Nov. 17 2PM) – The 10 Unequivocal Laws of Sales

with Jim Mathis

They May Beat You on Price, But Not on Value!

Broadcasting sales and marketing have changed forever; they will never be the same again. Customers who focus on the price have not been sold on the value to them. There are rules to follow to be successful at sales. They are without equal at any time.                                

Most people buy with the heart, not the head


Through fun, interactive dialogues and methods you will learn actionable skills to become a better presenter-seller and encourage value-based sales.  Insights gained are used to: reinvent marketing strategies, increase client receptivity, improve presentations, communicate value and close more sales.

1. The Law of Mr. Rogers: We buy from people we like.  We sell ourselves more than the product or service. Be likeable and you will attract more people and business.

2. The Law of Intentionality: An intentional person projects security and attracts people. We will sell in direct proportion to our level of insecurity. If you think “Nobody wants to buy from me,” nobody will buy from you.

3. The Law of Columbo: The seller who asks more questions makes more sales. The buyer who talks less, buys less. The more questions we ask, the more information we can share.  The seller who doesn’t ask questions will soon have silence on the buying end.

4. The Law of Process: Sales is a process, not an event. We overestimate the event, and we underestimate the process. Every contact you make takes you further along in the process. It may take many contacts, but successful salespeople see each step along the journey as part of the process.

5. The Law of the Harvest: We always reap WHAT we sow, later than we sow, and in more abundance than. Life is filled with consequences of actions. Successful people know how to plant the seeds that yield the best consequences, nurture them and then the patience to wait. Everybody listens to WII-FM (What’s In it-For Me?).

6. Everybody listens to WII-FM (What’s In It For Me?). Benefits always beat features. The combination of those two is called VALUE.

7. The Law of Diligence: The odds of closing sales increase with diligence and increase in possibilities.  Increasing our contacts will increase prospects… and will increase our sales.

8. The Law of The Rosetta Stone: Great salespeople speak the customer’s language fluently. Connecting is all about speaking in terms the customer uses and understands.

The Law of Who’s the Boss?: The real leader is the top influencer who gives permission in the organization. Connect with the permission-giver to close the sale. When the buyer has to get permission from “Daddy “to write the check, you need to connect with Daddy. If you have been taking people to lunch and not closing sales, you are eating with the wrong people.

9. The Law of The Advisor: Anyone can sell, but it takes a trusted advisor who adds value to people to keep people’s trust. Business leaders trust people who can bring resources and advice to add value to them. Great sales are the result of becoming a business growth expert to the customer. The more they trust us for advice, the more we sell.

10. The Law of The Cost:  Sales success carries a price tag. The earlier you pay the price, the less the cost. To get to the top in sales, the higher the return, the greater the sacrifices to be made. The price must be paid early, or it will cost more later.

What’s in it for you? Market your value at higher profits consistently.

Networking Cocktail Reception 5PM – 6PM 


Dinner Program – 6PM – 9PM 


MBA Annual Meeting

Guests and Speakers

      • MBA – Jordan Walton, Executive Director
      • MA Council on Gaming and Health CEO, Marlene Warner
      • NAB Senior VP Technology, Lynn Claudy
      • MA Army National Guard CPT. Michael Chadwick
      • Comedian Kelly MacFarland


Sound Bites 2022 will again recognize the best in Massachusetts radio and over-the-air television with the Sound Bites Awards.


Hosted by Candy O’Terry