High School Radio Project

Introducing careers in radio and audio through real-world application with industry standard tools and software.


A dual-track effort from the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association and the Nebraska Broadcasters Association bringing real-world radio skills to high school media students.


The High School Radio Project (HSRP) allows students to curate and schedule music, record radio breaks, produce station imaging, news and sports stories, interviews, and PSAs, all aired on a streaming radio station heard all over the country.

About the High School Radio Project

If your school has ever thought about starting its own radio station, the obstacles are many. The Massachusetts Broadcasters Association’s HSRP has removed all those barriers in providing a turn-key curriculum covering radio’s past, present and future — and covers 100% of the cost!

We bring the radio station to your classroom, allowing your students to develop real-world skills by producing the content that plays on our streaming station. The Massachusetts Broadcasters Association (MBA) loans state-of-the art software and equipment to schools on a rotating basis.
This equipment is used by successful radio stations and major corporations across the nation.

The HSRP will be heard by students, faculty, friends, and family around the world on Live365, a leading internet radio provider, through the MBA website, and through Alexa!

High School Radio Project Benefits:

  • Opportunity to explore a career in communications.
  • A boost on college applications and internship opportunities.
  • Opportunity to develop critical professional skills.
  • Working in a team environment.
  • Providing information concisely and accurately.

What the MBA provides:

·        RODEcaster Pro audio mixer

·        Two microphones with stands and windscreens

·        All necessary cables

·        MusicMaster music scheduling system

·        PlayoutONE automation software

·        Station music library in alternative rock, country, and Top 40 formats

·        Benztown Branding to create promotional and other relevant content

·        Training curriculum via HighSchoolRadioProject.org

·        Industry resources and contacts

Want to learn more about the HSRP?

Email Jordan@massbroadcasters.org or call 800-471-1875.

Listen in on students from Watertown High School, Watertown, MA:

Thank you to our industry partners!