Join the MBA

If you are an owner/operator of an over-the-air radio or television station or broadcast-related business and would like to become an MBA member, please consult the MBA Dues Schedule and complete the membership application below.

MBA Dues Schedule

All Stations $1100 $550
50 kw AM $385 $195
+1 to 49 kw AM $275 $140
1kw or less AM $165 $85
Class B or C FM $385 $200
Class A FM $275 $140
Public Radio $165 $165
LPFM $125 $125
College Stations $100
School Stations $50
Business $200
Individual $50

* For stations in clusters:
50% off each additional station in a cluster (highest rate station is full price)

A Federal Communications Commission licensee or permittee of any full-service AM Radio, FM Radio, or Television broadcast station whose community of license is  within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts qualifies to be an active member of the Association.

Any person, partnership or corporation or other organization whose business, profession or general association is concerned with broadcasting or related fields of endeavor qualifies to be an associate member of the Association.

Membership Form

Please fill out fields to the best of your ability.  Enter N/A to fields that don’t apply to your station or business.

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