Several MBA programs open for 2021

Several new and returning programs are now open for MBA members in 2021.

January 27 + 28
Rising Above Sales and Management Media Summit

Featuring lessons from the best trainers in the business (Derron Steenbergen, Speed Marriott, Laurie Kahn, Bonnie Hagemann, Jamie Aplin, Jessica Jett-Hill, Joe Jordan, and Chris Lytle) Rising Above: Climbing Higher will be a day and a half live virtual training event that will teach, coach, inspire and motivate you to rise above the challenges of today’s sales and management environment.

This multi-day virtual event will kick off on Wednesday, January 27th for Leaders and Managers and then again on Thursday, January 28th for Sellers. So whether you tune in for the entire summit or just a few of the sessions, you won’t want to miss this lineup!

Registration for the Rising Above: Climbing Higher summit is offered for FREE to MBA members.

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Continuing Education Reimbursement Progam limit upped to $300

A member benefit literally anyone at your station can use.  The MBA will provide a one-time reimbursement of up to $300 for almost any type of broadcast-related continuing education expense.

This can mean webinars or seminars (when we can get within six feet of each other), books, podcast series, website subscriptions, post-secondary education, workshops and much more.

The only catch is that these reimbursements need to be made to individuals who personally paid for the education – not stations.  If you have a question as to whether or not you’re eligible for reimbursement call or email the MBA.

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RDR Sales and Leadership Hotline

Starting February 1st there is a new hotline available for MBA members.  The RDR Sales and Leadership Help Hotline puts you directly in touch with Mark and Holly Levy of Revenue Development Resources and can help you resolve a sales or management dilemma by offering practical and effective solutions, advice, and resources within their expertise.

MBA members will have an unlimited number of 20 minute calls.  While we suggest first going to your internal team to problem-solve, sometimes it’s helpful to speak with a neutral “outsider” who can give you a fresh set of eyes and ears.

This hotline is available FREE to MBA members.  The MBA board is test-driving this new member benefit so it’s “use it or lose it” in 2021.  Take advantage!

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Learn more about Mark and Holly

2021 Student Broadcaster Scholarship Program

Each year the MBA awards up to eleven scholarships to the most promising Massachusetts students looking to pursue a career in radio or television broadcasting.

Station are asked to participate in order to support this next generation of broadcasters while also working towards filling their annual Equal Employment Opportunity credit requirements from the FCC.   This year’s scholarship program is now open and stations can find information and the radio and TV scholarship agreements on  Deadline to participate is March 12, 2021.

Families in Broadcasting Scholarship

The MBA has supported employees of member stations for many years with the Families in Broadcasting Scholarship program.  This year, the MBA plans to award 10 $1,500 scholarships to the children of our members.

Applicants need not be pursuing a broadcast-related degree.  Parents should be full-time employees of an MBA member station in good standing since at least July 1, 2020 to be eligible.  Deadline for student applications is May 7, 2021.

Find applications at

Paid Internship Program

The MBA will award five paid internships to member stations in 2021.  This program is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in over-the-air broadcasting or communications and helps stations avoid any complications from a non-paid internship.  Learn more about the steps needed to receive a paid intern in 2021 at  Deadline for stations to apply for an intern is March 12, 2021.