Sound Bites webinars now available on demand

Reinvent Your Sales!

On November 11 Jim Mathis presented “Reinvent Your Sales! to MBA members as part of Sound Bites 2021.  Click the link below to watch it any time!

They Can Beat You on Price, But Not on Your Value!

Sales and marketing have changed forever. They will never be the same again due to the pandemic and the ripple effect on small businesses. Customers who focus on the price have not been sold on the value to them. The methods that worked for you in the past are probably obsolete in today’s business world and digital environment. Once you allow the buyer to negotiate the price, you have lost leverage (and the sale!).


Engagement Is the Social Media Metric that Matters!

On Nov. 10 social media expert Lori Lewis presented the webinar “Engagement Is the Social Media Metric that Matters!” to the MBA.  That webinar is now also available on demand.  Click below to watch!

Content has two main goals:
Capturing Attention & Converting That Attention Into Action.

Engagement is the tell-tale sign from the audience that your content is accomplishing one or the other.

In this interactive session Lori digs deeper into why engagement, not the number of fans (or even reach) matters most.