Sound Bites headed online week of November 16

Dear MBA members,


This year has brought an almost unfathomable number of challenges to our radio and television members and to our communities.  COVID-19, civil unrest, a growing antagonism towards journalists, and an exceptionally divisive election cycle have made all of our jobs more difficult.

It was our desire to shine a light on your hard work at Sound Bites in Framingham on November 10th through our Sound Bites Awards, as well as seminars, guest speakers and entertainment.  However, as we quickly approach the fall, it is apparent that for the safety of our members (and the state’s rules about indoor gatherings) it is necessary that we cancel our in-person Sound Bites event in 2020.

Like so many other aspects of our lives this year, we will adapt and overcome.  We are currently planning – not just an afternoon of Sound Bites – but a week’s worth of celebrating our radio and TV members from November 16th through 19th.  Don’t worry, we know you’re “Zoomed” out, so we’ll keep everything to short, bite-sized, on-topic pieces centered around the winners of our 2020 Sound Bites Awards and highlighting the amazing work you’ve all done throughout the year.

Please stay tuned to your inbox, mailbox,, and the MBA’s social media accounts for additional details regarding Sound Bites 2020.

Thank you for the work you do day in and day out to keep your audiences informed and entertained.


See you (virtually) soon,

Jordan Walton
Executive Director
Massachusetts Broadcasters Association