Sound Bites Awards beta is now open!

This year’s Sound Bites Annual Meeting & Mingling Event is back and better than ever – because we’re bringing back the awards, baby! Now’s the time to gather up your best work from the past year and show it off.

In order to get a head start, we have opened up a “beta” period for  BiB will make online awards submissions easy!  You will need to create a new account .  It’s quick and easy.

The site is now live for “beta” testing before our Call for Entries is sent out in early July.  Give it a whirl.  Try it out and let us know how it goes!  All “beta” entries will be deleted on July 1.

Instructions for how to enter at

Create a account.

  1. Read video and audio uploading guidelines.
  2. Click “Entry Form” on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Select “Massachusetts.”
  4. Continue to entry form and follow the listed steps.

Note:  You will need the “Segment name” to upload your files.  This will be sent via email confirmation but it might help to jot it down for quicker uploading.

5. Continue to upload file and complete the listed steps.

Note:  Certain categories will allow for multiple file uploads

6. Check your email confirmations!

Make sure to call Jordan or Anne with any questions at 800-471-1875.

We’ll be handing out First place and Merit awards to radio and TV stations in the following categories:

Best Individual Commercial /Commercial Campaign – A single commercial or series of spots (no more than three) written and produced by your station as a total campaign.

Best News Story – Includes spot news, in-depth documentary news, feature story, newscast or single news issue or event.

PSA – Outline your station’s most successful and creative Public Service Announcement or Public Service Campaign by including information about the campaign and the results garnered, written and produced by your station. Sponsored by the Massachusetts Army National Guard.

Local/Special Program/Event – A unique event produced and promoted by your station. Programs may be community-oriented, charitable, a one-time occurrence or an annual event, etc.

Air Personality – Clip or montage of single on-air personality.

Station Promotional Announcement – Promotion of your station, written and produced by your station, and aired on your station or as part of an interactive promotion. A campaign of up to three spots may be entered as one entry.

Sports Feature – Presentation of a single sports topic or play-by-play; may be local event, but not required.

Station of the Year – Outline your station’s overall efforts throughout the past year including information about public service activities, awards and honors, creative listener and sales promotions, quality of production and programming.

Broadcaster of the Year – If you know someone who displays an outstanding commitment to his/her job, shows unwavering dedication to the evolution of broadcasting, breathes life into his/her work by being creative and enthusiastic, and is committed to the community…

Then nominate him or her for Broadcaster of the Year! This award can honor anyone in the industry. Programmers, engineers, general managers, on-air, promotions, you name it—there are many people at your station. Take a close look and ask yourself who deserves it most!