“Radically Rural” Summit offering scholarships for community journalists

The Radically Rural Summit, a conference about reimaging rural life in America is being held in Keene, NH from September 22 to 23.  The summit features a community journalism track which may be of interest to MBA members.

The Knight Foundation is sponsoring 5 journalists to attend the Community Journalism track at Radically Rural at no cost to them.They are also sponsoring another 45 journalisms to attend virtually for free.  You can secure free tickets now by emailing Radically Rural co-founder Terrence Williams at twilliams@keensentinel.com.  Ticket availability is on a first come, first served basis.

Read about the community journalism sessions below or on RadicallyRural.org.


Local journalism, a bedrock for informed and successful small communities, is under threat. More and more towns are losing their local news sources to the economic upheaval facing the news business and dramatic changes in the ways people get their information. We know that when a trusted local news operation leaves a town, taxes increase, bond rates worsen and community economic development suffers. Radically Rural seeks to provide ideas, solutions, and models for news organizations and communities to ensure the financial health of those operations so that residents can stay informed.

Who Should Attend: Journalists, community leaders and organizers, law- and policy-makers and government leaders.

Track Leader: Terrence Williams, President & COOThe Keene Sentinel


Building Trust: Measures to secure faith in local journalism

Joy Mayer, director for Trusting News, founded the organization in 2016. She leads a panel discussion on the ways and means local journalists can improve bonds with readers and build confidence in the news they produce, all leading to a more trusting readership.

Speaker: Joy MayerdirectorTrusting News

Panel: Lynn Walshassistant directorTrusting NewsPeter Huoppi, director of multimediaThe Day, New London, CT; Crystal GoodPublisher/FounderBlack by God


Funding News: Media organizations successfully find philanthropic help for their missions

A panel of experts provides a road map for crowdfunding, landing grants and the future of philanthropic support of newsrooms. Whether you are a for-profit or nonprofit organization, there are ways to build more community support for journalism.

Speaker: Frank Mungeam, chief innovation officer, Local Media Association

Panel: Blake Kaplaneditor and general managerSun Herald, Biloxi, MS; Manuel C. CoppolapublisherNogales International, Nogales, AZ; Traci Bauervice president, print and digital content, Adams Publishing Group


Crazy Good: Tools to make you a better – and more efficient – journalist

Samantha Sunne, freelance investigative reporter, presents our annual “50 Ideas” program. This is a fast-paced romp through hacks, sources, tech and techniques to make you a better, smarter and savvier reporter and editor.

Speaker: Samantha Sunne, journalistTools for Reporters