WNTN-AM to be sold to long-time host

Via TomTaylorNow.com

wntnBoston’s brokered-ethnic WNTN/1550 sells to one of its longtime program hosts, Teddy Demetriades. Teddy’s the son of earlier “Grecian Echoes” host Orestes Demetriades, and they say “Echoes” has been on-air in Boston for “more than 67 years.” In fact, Orestes owned WNTN until 1998, when he sold it to Rob Rudnick of Colt Communications. grecian-echoesNow his son Teddy is purchasing WNTN Newton from Rudnick for $175,000 cash. Teddy currently buys about 25 hours a week from Colt (7am-11am weekdays and 7am-noon on Sundays). We don’t know what other changes might be wrought, but WNTN’s definitely moving its transmitter, because that’s not part of the sale. WNTN will re-license to Cambridge, losing its current 10,000-watt day/3-watt nighttime facility to diplex with Bob Bittner’s adult standards WJIB Cambridge/740. WNTN’s new facility will be 750 watts daytime and (still) 3 watts at night. Also not part of the deal – the WNTN.com website here headlined “The World and You.” As for long-ago owner Orestes Demetriades – he’s now 94. Maybe radio does keep you young.