RDR Sales and Leadership Hotline


972-522-8570 | mark@rdrtoday.com

There are a lot of “hotlines” out there, like “The Rejection Hotline, the “Butterball Turkey Talk Line” and the “Callin Oates: Your Emergency Hall and Oates Hotline.” There are many famous phone numbers out there as well, like 867-5309 and that number to donate your car for children. And while they are fun, they really can’t help you take your sales and leadership skills from “influence to impact.”

But thanks to your MBA, here is one that can:

The MBA Sales and Leadership Help Hotline, phone number (972) 522-8570 or mark@rdrtoday.com. When you call this number, you’ll be calling Mark and Holly Levy of Revenue Development Resources. They’ll spend up to 20 minutes per call to help you resolve your issue by offering practical and effective solutions, advice, and resources within their expertise (and they have a lot of it)! They’ll do everything they can to answer questions and attempt to resolve the issues. And if for some reason your issue can’t be resolved within the allotted time frame, they will offer to work directly with your station at the applicable RDR consulting rate.

Certainly you will want to go to your station’s leadership team to see about solving any issues first. But sometimes a neutral third set of eyes and ears can look at things differently and as such, be able to offer alternative observations and solutions. So be sure to keep this handy: The MBA Sales and Leadership Help Hotline, phone number (972) 522-8570 or mark@rdrtoday.com. Mark and Holly Levy can’t wait to help your efforts go from “Influence to Impact!!


What can we ask?

We certaily don’t want to limit your creativity in calling the hotline but here are some examples of questions you may ask:


  1. Can you think of any copy ideas for a _________?
  2. I’m having trouble making appointments. Can you help?
  3. I want to ask for bigger money. What can I do to boost my confidence?
  4. I’m weak on proposal writing…what can I do to improve?
  5. A lot of my clients don’t believe in broadcast like they used to…what can I do?



  1. People hate our meetings. What can I do to improve them?
  2. Our team is good at starting and finishing a project, a lot of our things falter badly in the middle of them. Can you help?
  3. I get accused of being a micro-manager. I hate it and my team hates it, but if I don’t stay on them, stuff doesn’t get done. What can I do?
  4. How can I motivate my team when I have a hard time motivating me?
  5. My team thinks I play favorites but I don’t think I do. What do you suggest?


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