Next LBS 2nd Tuesday webinar – 7 Biggest Mistakes

The next FREE webinar for MBA members from Local Broadcast is slated for Tuesday, June 14, 12 noon.

LBS expert Mark Levy

Register today for “Broadcast Sellers’ 7 Biggest Mistakes and How to Avoid Them” presented by LBS New Business Development Expert Mark Levy.

Mark previews seven key missteps that are consistently made by broadcast sellers:
1. Love your enemies… no, seriously.
2. I need to speak… (trust me, you don’t).
3. I wanna talk about me (thank you Toby Keith).
4. Jimmy Buffet’s take on “Math.”
5. Unhand her, Dan Backslide!
6. Dracula, Frankenstein and Rate Increases.
7. The Temps and Rare Earth Had It Right!

LBS 2nd Tuesday webinars are presented FREE to MBA members.  Click the button below to register.  If you don’t have an LBS account, email jordan@localhost for an access code.