MBA members to #BroadcastGood on June 11

The National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation and the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association are celebrating the “Service to America Awards” in 2019 by taking to social media to highlight the incredible public service of broadcast stations around the country.

To amplify this message at home, we want to do something big enough to get noticed and remind your audiences and federal lawmakers of Massachusetts’ unique role in our communities.

We’re asking ALL stations in Massachusetts and around the country to use #BroadcastGood on a social media post on Tuesday June 11 to showcase a recent (or favorite) public service project.

Specifically, we are asking stations on any social platform (Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and/or LinkedIn) to:

* Post a picture, video or plain text about the station’s charitable efforts or stories the station has covered about good causes in your communities during the year (food drives, community service projects, fundraisers, etc).

* Use the hashtag #BroadcastGood on every post.

* Tag the nonprofit you worked with, charity or community partner (see the mock examples below).

*Get everyone from your station involved!

We want to amplify the great work stations do every day by creating a real moment across all social media platforms, which means getting every member of the station to participate. From the station handle itself to anchors, the production crew, sales people, and interns – we want everyone involved.

Want to spread the word even further? Send us your videos or pictures and we will share it on the MBA’s social platforms as well. During the week, we will highlight posts to show lawmakers how critical your stations are to your communities.

Last year, with your help, broadcasters sent over 10,000 tweets using #BroadcastGood – that’s some powerful advocacy on behalf of local radio and television.

Please mark your calendars to participate and pass this message onto your digital directors!