Five steps to get your station involved with MBA advocacy

When the MBA took to Capitol Hill, each conversation we had with our Congressional delegation focused on the local work that our stations take part in every day.  Help us protect your license and your ability to serve your community by telling our legislators what you do and why it matters.  Follow these five steps to have your voice heard in Washington:

1 – Make sure you know which congressional districts are touched by your station’s signal. View a Congressional District Map here.

2 – Ensure every member of Congress your station reaches receives your press releases (the MBA can help you find contact information for press secretaries and district directors)

3 – Ensure you follow every member of Congress your station reaches on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Urge your legislators to follow your station and staff in return, to keep abreast of local station activities.  Use these platforms to communicate with them on important local initiatives. (Find each members social media accounts on

4 – Send a quarterly email educating members of Congress about your station’s efforts:

  • Lifesaving role in times of crisis
  • Charitable contributions (monetary and on-air)
  • Investigative reports
  • Economic impact (jobs you provide and small businesses you grow through advertising)
  • Innovations to better serve your audience (including apps, digital innovations and social media)

Be sure to include the hashtag #WeAreBroadcasters in social media posts!

5 – Invite your members of Congress and their district directors to visit your station regularly and participate in charitable events you sponsor in your community.