Radio can rock Pinterest

For those social media rookies out there, Pinterest is the newest, hottest thing in social media.  The concept is simple.  Think of a giant, virtual cork board where you can pin all of the things you like.  It started with wedding ideas, recipes, interior decorating, clothing, etc. but has blossomed into something much more useful for your station.

Take a gander at this blog entry from Stephanie Winans on  She goes into some great ways you can get your station onto Pinterest.  She suggests that Pinterest shouldn’t be the crux of your online marketing but it certainly has a place.  It can be used for posting new music on your station, allowing jocks to interact with listeners, a place to house all of your remote broadcast pictures and locations and much more.

Sign up for Pinterest and check it out.  Here’s a good place to start:  follow Hot 100.5out of Virginia Beach, VA.  They’re putting a lot of the concepts of Stephanie Winans piece to good use.  Happy pinning!