Conclave offers free webinar studying radio listeners

On Wednesday, May 23 at 3PM, The Conclave presents Fred Jacobs with the results of Jacobs Media’s industry-wide research study on North America’s usage of digital technology and social media with Techsurvey 8.  Techsurvey8 explores the format landscape for media usage and digital applications in a way that radio has not been privy to in the past.

The media habits of twelve different radio format core audiences are examined in the largest technology survey ever conducted for radio.  According to Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs, “The data from Techsurvey8 strongly suggest that focusing on connecting emotionally and meaningfully with listeners is radio’s best avenue toward remaining relevant and vibrant in the face of new digital competition.”

Comprised of data obtained from the largest radio tech study ever conducted (170 stations / 12 formats / 57,000 radio listeners) this special 90 minute Conclave webinar, including a Q&A period, will be packed with details and information crucial to your future.

About Jacobs Media: Jacobs Media is known for the creation of the Classic Rock format.  Founded in 1983, Jacobs Media consults leading broadcasting companies in North America and conducts research for both commercial and public radio stations, Arbitron and other organizations and companies.  Also, Jacobs Media has become a major player in mobile applications forming jacAPPS in 2008.  To date, jacAPPS has developed 530+ apps primarily on the Apple and Android platforms generating more than 13 million downloads.

Conclave webinars are free; however preregistration is required via the Conclave’s website at