Apply to Beasley Radio Talent Institute – Deadline Feb. 1

The National Radio Talent System is seeking current undergrads, graduate students and recent graduates to attend their second Beasley Radio Talent Institute to be held at Emerson College this summer between June 24 and July 3, 2019.

The Institute accepts a maximum of 25 students to attend the 10-day intensive sessions that features over 30 broadcast professionals and covers everything radio from sales, to on-air work, to social media and marketing.  The goal is to find and nurture talent to enter into the radio industry.

Historically, 70% of students who attend the Beasley Radio Talent Institute get their first job in broadcasting after graduation.  All college students, graduate students, and recent graduates are welcomed and accepted from all universities in the state and region.

Start your application today.

The cost to you depends on when you apply and are accepted. Registration fees are not paid until after you are notified of acceptance, and that cost includes a meal card for lunch to use during the 10 days. Housing, if needed, is available on campus. Apply early for adjusted rates!

o General Applicants – February 1 – $385 Registration
o Final Applicants – March 1 – $395 Registration

Apply now or get a copy of the Beasley Radio Talent Institute Information and Invitation packet.