MBA members take part in “Guardsman for a Day” event

On June 15, 2022 several television and radio members of the Massaschusetts Broadcasters Association (MBA) participated in a “Guardsman for a Day” event put on by the Massachusetts Army National Guard and the MBA.  The event highlighted some of the training that our local guardsman complete in order to be ready to serve Massachusetts and the USA both at home and abroad.

Participants took part in a truncated version of the Army Combat Fitness Test which consisted of a standing power throw, a sprint/drag/carry excercise, and hand-release pushups.  Our hosts spared us the deadlift, plank, and two-mile run.  Next, brave broadcasters tackled the obstacle course with physically demanding challenges around every corner.  Broadcasters then tried their hands (and eyes) at marksmanship in the indoor simulated weapons trainer.  The Guard said the indoor trainer helps them give new recruits the basics of weapon safety and handling before they take to the live fire range for qualification.  The simulator also spares taxpayers money on blanks and live ammunition.

Finally, after a hard morning’s work, each MBA member was treated to an MRE (meal-ready-to-eat) lunch.  While not the guardsman’s first choice, we learned, MREs are a quick and shelf-stable way to give our military the nutrients they need while serving our state and country.

MBA Executive Director Jordan Walton said of the Guard, “Broadcasters and the Guard share a similar mission in that each serve their local communities.  We may do it in vastly different ways, but both broadcasters and the Guardsman we met today are our friends and neighbors throughout Massachusetts.”

Several members in attendance shared their morning through stories and social media.  Those stories and a number of pictures are shared below.  We hope to host this again in the future and hope more broadcasters take advantage of this unique opportunity!


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