MA DPH “Organ Donation” campaign begins 3/19

The MBA’s latest Public Education Program (PEP) campaign for the Department of Public Health begins on March 19th and runs for six non-consecutive weeks, ending on Sunday May 20th.  This radio and TV campaign seeks to educate Bay State residents that no age is too old to be an organ donor.

The radio and TV insertion, as well as the radio and TV spot can be found on our PEP Downloads page.  Spots can also be found below.


Radio spot:

PEP campaigns are a unique marketing opportunity offered by state broadcasters associations to government agencies and non-profit organizations.  The campaigns are aimed at entities that require a statewide message but lack an adequate commercial budget.  The MBA uses funding from these campaigns to advocate for our member stations, conduct seminars and webinars, run the Student Broadcaster Scholarship and Families in Broadcasting Scholarship programs, offer Continuing Education Reimbursement, legal hotlines and much more.

We can’t succeed in our mission to protect and promote radio and TV broadcasters without your help in airing these spots generously and with prompt and accurate reporting of airtime.