GMR offers interim license extension

From the Radio Music Licensing Committee

Dear Broadcasters:

As you should be aware, RMLC’s antitrust litigation against GMR remains ongoing. As a result, GMR recently agreed to offer extensions of its interim licenses that are set to expire on September 30, 2018.

This will serve as notice that GMR has agreed to offer all U.S. commercial radio stations the opportunity to extend their existing interim licenses until March 31, 2019. GMR will offer these interim license extensions on the same terms (including price) as each station’s existing interim license, except for the new end date. 

GMR has advised RMLC that, effective immediately, GMR intends to contact individual stations to offer this interim license extension. If you wish to accept this interim license extension offer but have not heard from GMR by September 15, 2018, please contact GMR directly before your current license expires on September 30, 2018. [Please do not contact the RMLC to request a GMR license extension.] 

In the meantime, the RMLC will continue to pursue its litigation against GMR.

Radio Music License Committee