Back to Basics: Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

Arguably the most valuable benefit to being a member of the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association is the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program, or ABIP.  The ABIP program lets a station avoid an unannounced FCC inspection for three years after being certified in compliance.  Over the last three years, the MBA’s ABIP program has saved stations over $486,000 in potential fines from the FCC!

Please note that the ABIP fee has increased to $500 in 2013 and the MBA helps member stations by paying half of the ABIP inspection fee.  If you’re nearing your inspection date or don’t know when the last time your station participated in the ABIP program, email ashea@localhost.  The majority of Massachusetts stations are set to expire in 2013 and in turn our inspector, Bob Shotwell will be very busy, so try to schedule your inspection as soon as possible.  Applications can be downloaded here and your engineers can get a head start by viewing the FCC’s self inspection checklists.

Prevent fines, save money and protect your license with ABIP!