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Mark Manuelian
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EAS Rules
FEMA’s IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert and Warning System) page

Regional EAS test scheduled for September 16

IPAWS_video_still_smallMassachusetts has been invited by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to participate in a test of the Integreated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) on Wednesday, September 16 at 2:20PM.  This test is voluntary but highly encouraged.  There will be no reporting to either FEMA or the FCC, although the MBA will conduct a survey and pass along (anonymous) information to FEMA. FEMA will originate the test from Washington using the National Periodic Test (NPT) alert code.

There may  be a need to reprogram your equipment to recognize the NPT code.  FEMA will conduct technical webinars in both August and September to aid in this process for those stations affected. To view the archived version of the August 19 webinar click here.  The second webinar will be conducted at 10AM on Thursday, September 3.

Tutorials to program your EAS device to handle the National Periodic Test (NPT) code:


Digital Alert Systems

Monroe Electronics




 2015 WBZ-FM EAS Required Monthly Test Schedule:

Month Day Time
January 1/6/2015 10A – 12NN or 1P – 3P
February 2/3/2015 12MN – 4A
March 3/3/2015 10A – 12NN or 1P – 3P
April 4/7/2015 12MN – 4A
May 5/5/2015 10A – 12NN or 1P – 3P
June 6/2/2015 12MN – 4A
July 7/7/2015 10A – 12NN or 1P – 3P
August 8/4/2015 12MN – 4A
September 9/1/2015 10A – 12NN or 1P – 3P
October 10/6/2015 12MN – 4A
November 11/3/2015 10A – 12NN or 1P – 3P
December 12/1/2015 12MN – 4A
January 1/5/2016 10A – 12NN or 1P – 3P



RMT is generated by WBZ-FM 98.5mHz

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