Consumers returning to over-the-air TV

With Congress passing the payroll tax extension last week (which included language for a television spectrum auction) the debate rages on about whether or wireless companies do indeed need more spectrum.  An argument against wireless companies claims is the upswing in over-the-air broadcast television.

This article on the Wall Street Journal’s website discusses the recent surge of antenna purchases.  Consumers by the thousands are cutting the cord from their cable or satellite company.  In exchange, they’re signing up for internet streaming services like Netflix or Hulu and supplementing that with over-the-air TV.

Avner Ronen, CEO of Boxee, another streaming service is quoted as saying, “many consumers don’t realize they can get these channels over the air in HD for free…”

As the battle for viewers rages on and the internet becomes a go-to place for television viewers, maybe it’s a good idea to remind your viewers that your station is there for free!