Media Bureau Announces New Filing Procedures

Today the FCC released a public notice outlining new filing procedures eliminating use of the Consolidated Database System (CDBS) as of 5PM January 12.  According to the Commission “this action is necessary due to pressing technical issues that prevent the effective use of CDBS going forward and is intended to facilitate the ongoing transition of all filings to the Licensing and Management System (LMS) database.”

All Media Bureau filings that cannot be submitted using LMS must be submitted by email to  Those include:

  • AM Application for Construction Permit for Commercial Broadcast Station on Form 3012
  • AM Application for Construction Permit for Reserved Channel Noncommercial Educational Broadcast Station on Form 3403
  • AM Applications for Broadcast Station License on Form 3024
  • Special Temporary Authority (STA) Engineering Requests and Extension of Engineering STA Requests for all audio service stations
  • Silent STA / Notification of Suspension/ Resumption of Operations / Extension of Silent STA Requests for all audio service stations
  • Change in official mailing address
  • AM Digital Notification on Form 335-AM
  • All-Digital AM Notification on Form 335-AM
  • FM Digital Notification on Form 335-FM
  • Amendments to pending applications previously submitted in CDBS
  • Pleadings (Petitions to Deny, Informal Objections, Oppositions, Replies, Supplements, Petitions for Reconsideration and Applications for Review) concerning applications submitted through CDBS or using the email procedures outlined in this Public Notice.

For further information contact:
James Bradshaw, Audio Division, Media Bureau,
Rudy Bonacci, Audio Division, Media Bureau,
Albert Shuldiner, Audio Division, Media Bureau,