Welcome to the new MassBroadcasters.org!


We’re very happy to announce the launch of the new Massachusetts Broadcasters Association website, massbroadcasters.org!  This site will be easier for you to navigate and easier for MBA staff to keep updated with the most current news and events in Massachusetts.  Take a look around, we know you’ll love it!

A few quick notes:

In order to post a job or a resume, you will now have to create a username.  This will only take seconds and it ensures that we can keep the user experience productive for both our stations and potential employees.  Stations can now post jobs anonymously.  Make sure you include an email address as responses will still go to someone at your station (contact info would remain unseen by applicants).

Applicants can also now apply to a posted job directly from massbroadcasters.org.   Create an account,input your resume and apply for positions.  It’s easy!

There will be LOTS more to come.  Stay tuned for details on how you can enter your stations best work for the MBA Awards in November and get the latest on who will present our sales and programming seminars.

As always, questions and comments can be directed to Jordan Walton (jordan@localhost) or Anne Shea (ashea@localhost).