Study shows increased interest in radio-enabled cell phones

A recent Harris Interactive poll says that 81% of consumers would consider paying a $.30 fee in order to free FM radio on their cell phones.  NAB spokesman, Dennis Wharton says the new study show continuing growth in the demand for FM chips.

The most important benefit gained from radio-enabled cell phones is the ability to receive emergency information regardless of where you are, if you have power or internet connections.  The chip doesn’t rely on a wi-fi or 3G/4G connection like popular radio applications, it’s essentially a battery powered radio.  And according to the CTIA, the Wireless Association, there are approximately 330 million wireless subscriber connections in the United States.

Radio-enabled cell phones are cheap to produce, an efficient use of spectrum, can help save lives in an emergency and oh, yeah… you get to listen to your favorite stations, too!  Read more about the Harris Interactive poll from

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