Send your intern or part-timer to the next Radio Institute in June

The MBA asks its member stations to consider suggesting one (or more) of your current interns or part-timers to apply to the ten day Beasley Radio Talent Institute. The application deadline is just two weeks away on Friday March 6.

The 3rd annual Beasley Radio Talent Institute held at Emerson College in Boston is one of 8 Radio Talent Institutes of the National Radio Talent System, a system of Radio Talent Institutes on college campuses across America, discovering and preparing the next generation of broadcasters who can be hired today and be leaders in the industry in the future. While sponsored by Beasley Media, students do not have to have an affiliation with that particular company.

All sessions are taught by broadcasters from various broadcast groups in the state and region, with sessions including on air in music radio, news, sports, podcasting, production, promotions, social media, digital, engineering, and sales as each student is certified by the RAB as Radio Marketing Professionals.  The students have to apply to be accepted and consist of interns, part-timers who have not worked full time in the industry yet, college students and recent graduates.  A maximum of 25 students are accepted. Approximately 70% of the students start their careers in broadcasting or a related field.

Those currently interning or working part-time have the most interest in a career in the industry.  We ask you to please make this your goal in the next day or two by contacting your part timers and interns directly to encourage them, or to have whoever (HR, Program Directors, Promotions Directors etc) is in charge of interns and part timers personally encourage them to apply.   One on one encouragement can make the difference. There are a limited number of scholarships.

Share the application link to the website (then click on apply) and download the Information and Invitation Packet. Please forward the link, and the I&I Packet to all part timers and current and any previous interns you may think fit the program before March 6.   The Institute is June 8-17th.

Please note that the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association will be making a donation good for three scholarships to the Institute.   Thank you in advance for your support of the 3rd annual Beasley Radio Talent Institute as we work with the National Radio Talent System to discover and prepare the next generation of broadcasters.