A statement about news capabilities during the Coronavirus crisis

For radio and television broadcasters, our commitment to the communities we serve is unmatched in the media landscape. Given recent news and escalation of the Coronavirus in the United States and in Massachusetts in particular, it is more important than ever for the state’s broadcasters to inform the public about developments in a fact-based, rational manner.

While I am sure you all have contingency plans for emergency operations (and are continuing to update those plans as the situation warrants) the MBA requests that we be made aware of any extraordinary circumstances that could affect your station’s ability to deliver news and emergency information. In a dire emergency, there may be stations willing to assist competing stations if it means proving the public with critical info. We are ready to act as the clearinghouse for any such requests.

These types of actions should only be necessary in the most extreme of scenarios, but we understand that Italian news agencies are working in concert to help the people of their country and we should be prepared to do the same.

I can be reached by email or phone at any time.


Jordan Walton
MBA Executive Director