Broadcasters are encouraged to join 2020-21 Student Broadcaster Scholarship program

The Massachusetts Broadcasters Association is proud to help foster the next generation of radio and TV broadcasters through the 2020-2021 Student Broadcaster Scholarship program.

Each year the MBA awards some of the brightest college-bound students pursuing broadcast-related degrees with eleven scholarships.  In 2020, the MBA anticipates awarding ten scholarships at the $3,000 level and the top student will received the $5,000 Al Sprague Memorial Scholarship given in memory of the late MBA President.

In order to provide this tremendous support, we need the help of our members.  Please consider joining our program and not only helping future broadcasters make it through college, but earn valuable EEO menu items.  In order for a participating Massachusetts Nonexempt radio or television station to get credit for the program, they will be required to:

1)      Donate a prescribed amount of money to the MBA Student Broadcaster Scholarship Program.

2)      Help promote the Program via radio/television public service announcements, station web sites, in-house bulletin boards, etc.

3)      Disseminate and collect completed Scholarship Program Applications.

4)      Participate in the evaluation process.

Students wishing to apply for the scholarship and stations looking to participate can download an agreement and sample PSA copy here.