When we use our airwaves to inform our listeners and viewers about issues facing broadcasters, we make phones ring in Washington.  By adding a social element, we can be even more effective.  Use this page as a resource to follow, like, tweet and tag influencers like our Congressional delegation and FCC Commissioners as well as NAB staff and industry publications.  Use your station accounts or your own, personal accounts to help make a difference!

Make sure to thank Representatives Capuano, Lynch and Keating for co-sponsoring the “Local Radio Freedom Act!”



Senator Elizabeth WarrenSenator Elizabeth Warren
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398px-Ed_Markey,_Official_Portrait,_112th_Congress_2Senator Ed Markey
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House of Representatives


Rep. Richard NealRep. Richard Neal
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Rep. Jim McGovernRep. Jim McGovern
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Rep. Niki TsongasRep. Niki Tsongas
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Rep. Joseph Kennedy IIIRep. Joe Kennedy III
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Rep. Katherine Clark
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Seth-Moulton-2014-11-18_dev_0110-199x300Rep. Seth Moulton
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Rep. Michael CapuanoRep. Michael Capuano

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Rep. Stephen LynchRep. Stephen Lynch
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Rep. William KeatingRep. Bill Keating
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Federal Communication Commission – FCC


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IMG_5636Ajit Pai, Chairman

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clyburn_mignon_hiMignon Clyburn, Commissioner

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022114_ORielly_Michael_hi-640x457Michael O’Rielly, Commissioner

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National Association of Broadcasters



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Wharton_Dennis_hiDennis Wharton, EVP Communications

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NAB Public Service

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NAB NewsroomNAB Newsroom

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NAB LabsNAB Labs

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1c3vnUcGNAB Show

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Other Industry Accounts