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  • June 1, 2017

Myself Shruthika from Bangalore, India. I had completed my master's degree in Information technology and currently i am working as a social media executive in Mcoxley Indian private limited. I am 2008 passed out graduate and previously i was working as a social media executive at Franz Technologies in Chennai for 4 years.

People describe me as a fast decision maker and easy going person. Currently, I am doing PHP in digital marketing and i am also going to do one research, it will be fully based on digital marketing field. Apart from my career, basically i have some interest in social media like facebook, twitter, youtube.

Social media, i think it has integral part of everyone’s life and it is used to market your products and develop your business and it will help you to connect with different customers. Moreover social media is a future of communication and it will help you to share your information with your friends. Especially i have more interest in youtube.

In earlier i don’t have that much knowledge about youtube. Simply i just create a youtube channel for my account and i was active in that channel. But after that i got some knowledge about youtube views, youtube likes and youtube comments.

Now i hope without this we don’t even get any popularity in youtube. One of friend has told me that we can buy youtube likes from authorized seller to get more popularity.

Before that I have only got less number of youtube comments, likes and views for my channel. But once i purchased views to my youtube channel from website providers. Now i got many views on my youtube channel and i hope through this i can develop my business.

Buying and getting views from third party websites serves as a way to recognize your business. A Youtube views reflect how many times a video have been watched and it can be an important measure for your youtube channel. You can also use watch time of your videos and you can also buy indian youtube views.

I hope it will be more helpful for who all are looking to promote our business through online and try those things definitely you will see tremendous growth in your business in very short time period and it will also help you to  achieve your goal. Don’t end up your ideas for some stupid problem and try to buy views on youtube from trusted sellers and it will help you in a quick manner.

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