• August 7, 2018

Being on the radio has been a dream of mine for a long time. It inspired me to start my own podcast and to attend the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, graduating with straight A’s. I I have worked physically demanding jobs my whole life. Last year, however, I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis and have had to have both my hips replaced. The silver lining is that I am now forced to pursue my passion of being a radio personality. I know that I have a lot to learn but my training at CSB has given me the skills and confidence to be a valuable asset to your station.

My greatest strength is my dedication to building a successful career in this industry. I can guarantee I will work harder than any other applicant and will be constantly striving to advance the station as well as my own career. Over the years I’ve worked in kitchens, farms, butcher shops, and most recently a coffee roastery. These experiences were all different, but they all taught me the same lesson over and over again; work hard and work as a team. While working these various jobs I couldn’t help feeling I was wasting time not pursuing my passion. I realize now that I was getting the tools and strength needed to separate myself from the pack.

I’ve committed myself to this path. My body forced me out of the more physical jobs, and now is the time to take a chance and follow my dream. I’m done wasting time working jobs that don’t satisfy me creatively, or let me truly be at my best. Through years of podcasting I’ve learned that being a personality is something that comes naturally to me. It quickly became what I looked forward to most during the week. It inspired me to dive into podcasts and radio shows, and I’ve found that I can’t get enough of it. I know without a doubt that a job in the radio industry would allow the best of me to thrive. It’s what I want most in the world, and all I ask is for a chance to prove myself.

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