Highly motivated
  • May 1, 2019

Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Communications and Media                              Minor: Sports Management and Health Sciences                                        Activities: NCAA Division II Volleyball


  • Quickly adapt to new people and environments, able to form new friendships and professional relationships, navigate new surroundings, travel independently
  • Ability to work under pressure and in stressful environments
  • Strong communication skills by familiarizing self with spoken and unspoken behaviors, interpersonal/intra personal communication understandings
  • Critical thinking/problem solving skills under pressure and use of creativity in finding solutions
  • Time management skills with an understanding of efficiently meeting deadlines


Mill City Volleyball Club - Head Coach

  • Motivate and train the athletes to fully develop their skills with efficient feedback and support
  • Organize, manage and supervise practices, season workouts, games and tournaments
  • Serve as mentor to players

Merrimack College - Financial and Health Intern

  • This course is designed to provide students from all majors with the knowledge, skills and practical experience necessary to become effective financial and health coaches
  • Participate in faculty-led workshops where they learn personal finance and health, coaching, and cultural competencies
  • Matched with high school students from Lawrence High School to offer financial capability and health workshops that provide clients with basic knowledge and skills, coaching sessions that help clients plan a path for realizing their own goals
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