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  • December 3, 2015

Family & Community Day in Australia

Date Can Change

If the primary Monday on the holiday break is Labour Day, Family and Community Day is gone after the second Monday of their period. The holiday was originally annual held on the very first Tuesday of November, but was moved to the 1st Monday in the September/October school break from 2010 onwards.

What to Do

Family and Community Day can be a day off work with most people inside ACT school holidays. The idea of fostering quality time for workers to invest with their families with this day is strongly encouraged with the territory’s government as well as the unions, who communicate to organize and promote community events with this day. Many people utilize this time for leisure activities and hobbies.
What's Open or Closed?

Family and Community Day is usually a public visit to the ACT so most public and private sector organizations and schools are closed. Authorities are reminded that, be subject to criteria defined inside Workplace Relations Act 1996, employees can be entitled to usually work on public holidays. Most bus routes usually are not affected with the holiday but individuals who wish to travel via public transport about the day will have to check making use of their local transport authorities as transport schedules may change more detailed the day.
About the Day

Family and Community Day is usually a new public vacation in the ACT. In 2007 the ACT’s Minister for Industrial Relations Andrew Barr officially confirmed how the public holiday would begin that year. Mr Barr declared Australians worked the longest hours inside developed world introduced the visit to response towards the previous federal government’s new industrial relations system. The holiday was unveiled in compensate people from the ACT of these changes and encourage more hours to be spent with friends and family.

In 2008 Mr Barr announced which the public holiday became a success in 2007 and this it would continue for being held on the very first Tuesday in November in 2008 and 2009. The ACT government plus the unions worked together to set up events for manufactured which saw many families hanging out together with the event. The major Family and Community Day event for 2007 happened at Glebe Park in Canberra. It featured amusement rides, activities for the kids, food, and games. A big screen was offered to allow families to savor the Melbourne Cup Day race, and that is dubbed by many since the “race that stops the nation”.

Another change was made for the holiday’s date if the ACT’s Minister for Industrial Relations John Hargreaves announced in August 2009 the territory’s Family and Community Day would move from the future for being held with a different date from 2010 onwards as compared to previous years.

Mr Hargreaves announced that Family and Community Day could well be on the very first Monday with the September/October school holidays last year (Monday, September 27, 2010). “However, later on years where the primary Monday in the school holidays falls around the currently designated Labour Day public holiday, including will appear in 2011 and 2012, the Family and Community Day will be gone to live in the second Monday in the term break," Mr Hargreaves said.

Note: The dates from the calendar in the future are only estimated dates. Please note that Family and Community Day falls on the primary Monday with the ACT’s end-of-term-three school holiday vacation unless the very first Monday on the end-of-term-three school holiday getaway is Labour Day. If so, then your Family and Community Day holiday is gone after the second Monday from the end-of-term-three Victorian Public Holidays.


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