Salario Minimo de Argentina
  • December 7, 2015

Affirmed by Congress, the Ministry of Planning reported that the proposition on expanding the lowest pay permitted by law from R $ 724.00 to R $ 788.00. It is expanded by 8.8% contrasted with the year 2014.

Expansion of the lowest pay permitted by law in 2015 - Adverse to reality

Regardless of the fact that this build drive, the lowest pay permitted by law keeps on being unfriendly to reality for most of the populace, is not fundamentally in the Brazilian stash and is a long way from equivalent to squandering "some" proportionate wages. Valor do Salario Minimo 2016 is the best site to make data visible to you in simple structure.

Swelling and GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

Gross domestic product

The genuine desire/2015 GDP was 6%, however development will be 4.5%, a worthy rate in the event that we take as a premise the development of the whole nation.


As indicated by IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), expansion in March endured wavering around 0.47%.

It is important to screen and keep up consideration on expansion, for the past 12 months to March, the swelling rate was around 6.59%, fundamentally over the goal built up by the Central Bank.

As per Arno Augustin, secretary of the National Treasury, the Brazilian economy is advancing, however sitting still.

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