Wed, Aug 28 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    • Discuss different models of compensation for sales and other staff
    • How to keep the new hire engaged while not getting frustrated
    • Laying out an onboarding plan for better retention

    *Handout to accompany session sharing compensation models, ideas on measurable objectives not tied to revenue and an onboarding plan

    Anyone in business today knows that the days of 100% commission for new hires is not going to attract new workers. Learn what other companies and industries are doing to compete in the compensation game. In this session attendees will learn about various compensation plans to assure buy-in and engagement for better retention in addition to a game plan on how to get those new hires ramped-up and productive sooner. This session is great for Market or General Managers, Finance, Sales managers and HR.

  • ** Webinar will be archived.  Even if you can’t make it for this webinar, please register so you can receive the archive link.**