Wed, Jul 24 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm
  • Better understanding of how to market to attract your ideal candidates
  • Stop sounding desperate and like you are always looking
  • Overcoming the perception that Broadcast is “old school”
  • How ‘onboarding’ and ‘culture’ are a big part of attraction
  • Remember that hiring is going beyond the ‘job seeker’

*Handout to accompany session for them to follow during session plus sample ad copy

Today, to attract quality talent and create interest in your open positions, it is crucial to speak to potential prospects about why you should be considered when they decide it is time for a job or career change. Ideal for hiring managers, HR and those who work on your overall marketing and social media campaigns to better understand how to better present your company and your open opportunities. Start being more ‘proactive’ vs. just reactive when openings occur.

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