Wed, Jul 10 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm

An overview of things that are working for those companies who are winning in the war for talent

      • Knowing what you need to hire – building a job profile
      • Building & marketing your culture
      • Compensation
      • Perks to attract & retain top talent

*Handout to accompany session sharing a sample job description, list of creative perks & benefits

If you are having a hard time finding qualified applicants for your open positions, this is a great session to learn how to improve your talent acquisition! Ideal for anyone in the building who is involved in hiring, managing, interviewing new employees AND for those who work with your marketing, social media and websites. Learn why changes need to be made to be successful in the war for talent and what successful companies, who are winning, are doing to attract, hire and retain the talent they need. Invite your general managers, sales managers, human resource team and your marketing professionals to sit in on this 1-hour session. You will receive training and helpful tips and tools to start your tactics.

** Webinar will be archived.  Even if you can’t make it for this webinar, please register so you can receive the archive link.**